Our Testimonials

Check out some of our client testimonials to learn how we treated their condition and helped them achieve balanced health and wellness.

Princess Marianne Pandji Sakti

“I have been having treatments from Dr Vijaya for 18 years in times of ill health, stress or just for my general wellbeing. Unlike other practitioners I have visited Dr Vijaya really cares about his patients and never cuts corners where he feels he could help them get better more quickly. Dr Vijaya’s passion for healing shows clearly and he has given me so much precious advice over the years to understand my health and look after myself. Book an appointment now!”

Kathleen Orr

Corporate Trainer

"I've been having treatments from Dr Vijaya for about 20 years. He is thorough and attentive in his diagnoses and treatments, considers my personal condition and needs carefully, and is always in good humour! He takes care of me, it's that simple."

Ian Armstrong

Wine Retailer

"I have been going to see Dr Vijaya for about 6 years now and I always leave his clinic feeling fresh and relaxed. He's always attentive and caring. His joyful energy combined with his skills has help me get over many flues and other illnesses. He's the best acupuncturist I know. I highly recommend seeing Dr Vijaya"

Karen Merkel

Fashion Designer

"Dr Vijaya’s treatments are so helpful and I highly recommend him. He is also a very uplifting and positive person!"